1. When will the conference take place? Where is it located?

The ISI WSC 2019 will take place 18-23 August 2019 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia. Please click here for more information.

2. Who can participate?

The participation to this Congress is open to all who are interested in statistics.

3. When and how can I register for the Congress?

Registration to the Congress must be done online, through the Congress website starting from 1 December 2018.

4. Will letters of invitation be issued?

Official letters of invitation are intended to help potential attendees obtain travel funds or a visa. The letter does not constitute any financial commitment on the part of the Congress and will only be available to fully registered and paid participants and their registered accompanying persons. A formal request, therefore, should be done upon registration through the Congress website.

5. How do I send my abstract?

Abstract submission must be done online, through the Submission System.

6. How can I get support to participate in the Congress?

Such opportunities appear at the Awards and Funding section of this website as they are announced.

7. Can my congress organisation/tourism enterprise work for the Congress?

No. A Professional Congress Organiser (PCO) has already been contracted through a tender process.

8. Can I participate in more than one session proposal?

Yes, but in case both proposals are approved by the Scientific Program Committee they will contact you to advise on how to proceed.

9. Can I organise more than one Invited Paper Sessions (IPS) /Special Topic Sessions (STS)?

According to the 62nd WSC participation guidelines, which can be found here, each individual can organise at most one IPS or STS. Exceptions must be approved by the Chair of the Scientific Programme Committee (SPC) or Local Program Committee (LPC). All requests should be sent to lpc@isi2019.org

10. Can I serve as Chair or Discussant in more than one session?

According to the 62nd WSC participation guidelines, which can be found here, an individual can serve as Chair or Discussant in more than one session provided that there is no schedule conflict.

11. Can I be both an organiser and a chair or discussant in a session?

According to the 62nd WSC participation guidelines, which can be found here, within the same session, any individual, including the session Organiser, can take up the role of either Presenter or Chair or Discussant, but should not assume any two such roles.

12. How can I participate with a paper?

Submission of papers must be done online, through the Submission System.

13. Who reviews the proposals/papers?

SPC members will review the IPS proposals while LPC members will review STS and CPS.

14. What do the acronyms used throughout the site mean?

ISI – International Statistical Institute
WSC – World Statistics Congress
HCP – High Commission for Planning


ISI Associations
BS – Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability
IAOS – International Association for Official Statistics
IASC – International Association for Statistical Computing
IASE – International Association for Statistics Education
IASS – International Association of Survey Statisticians
ISBIS – International Society for Business and Industrial Statistics
TIES – The International Environmetrics Society
ISI PO – International Statistical Institute Permanent Office


Other Institutions
SCB – Statistical Capacity Building Committee
Agristats – Committee on Agricultural Statistics
LifeSci – Committee for the Promotion of Statistics in the Life Sciences
IFC – Irving Fisher Committee
YS – Young Statisticians Committee


Scientific Sessions
CPS – Contributed Paper/Poster Session
IPS – lnvited Paper Session
STS – Special Topic Session


LOC – Local Organising Committee
SPC – Scientific Program Committee
LPC – Local Program Committee
SCC – Short Course Committee
NHC – National Honorary Committee