62nd ISI World Statistics Congress 2019 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Invited Paper Sessions (IPS) and Special Topic Sessions (STS)

The Chair of the Scientific Programme Committee (SPC), Yves-Laurent Grize, and the Chair of the Local Programme Committee (LPC), Rozita Talha, invite the statistical community to present proposals for the Invited Paper Sessions (IPS) and Special Topic Sessions (STS).

The 62nd ISI WSC 2019, to be held on 18-23 August 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, will highlight the developments and contributions of statistics and statistical science in all aspects of life, particularly the well-being and welfare of people. The 62nd ISI WSC 2019 will host talks and presentations on a wide variety of topics, with the overall goal of presenting a balanced programme that provides a sense of the current state and future direction of statistics and their applications.

Invited Paper Sessions

The SPC of the 62nd ISI WSC 2019 calls for proposals for Invited Paper Sessions (IPS). Invited Papers will be central to the success of the congress. The proposals should be submitted via the Guidelines for Submission System, which is available on the 62nd ISI WSC 2019 website starting 1 January 2018. Details for the submission of proposals are as follows:

a. When submitting a proposal, you should indicate if your session could be related to one or more of the ISI Associations.
b. If you specify any Associations, choose a primary one and your proposal will be first reviewed by that Association under the guidance of its representative on the SPC.
c. Guidance may include valuable suggestions for the proposal and may assist considerations of the proposal.
d. If you think that your proposal does not relate to any ISI Association, choose ISI as the primary association.
e. Proposals approved by the Associations and the ISI will be reviewed by the SPC on a competitive basis.
f. Upon submission, you will be asked if you agree to have your session to be considered as a Special Topic Session (see below).

Each proposal should include a brief description and justification for the proposed session and a list of presenters and discussants who have agreed to participate. The selection criteria will take into account, scientific quality, impact and overall diversity.

To ensure full consideration, please submit your IPS proposals by 31 March 2018.  For a list of SPC members and their e-mails, please visit ISI Scientific Programme Committee.

The ISI always tries to ensure that:

a. The programme is of high quality, with sessions that emphasize innovative ideas, approaches and/or applications to problems of importance;
b. The sessions have a balance of Organisers / Presenters / Discussants from around the world;
c. The contents are clearly of interest; and
d. The congress has a diversity of participants with respect to age, gender and statistical interests.

Special Topic Sessions

The Special Topic Sessions (STS) will be selected by the LPC. Proposals for STS can be submitted by individual members of the ISI and Associations, ISI Committees and special interest groups, or external institutions and organisations. IPS Proposals that are not selected by the SPC due to limitation of timeslots or for other reasons may be considered by the LPC as STS proposals, provided this is agreeable by the Organisers concerned.   The submission of STS proposals will commence on 15 April 2018, and will end on 15 August 2018.

Meanwhile, if you require additional information, particularly on requirements to arrange an STS, or to facilitate your early planning, please contact the LPC via e-mail at lpc@isi2019.org.

Contributed Papers/Posters

The submission of CPS abstracts and papers will commence on 1 September 2018 and will end on 31 January 2019. Click here to the submission guidelines and system.

Further Information

Key Dates
01 January2018
Proposal Submission Start for IPS *
31 March2018
Proposal Submission Close for IPS
15 April 2018
Proposal Submission Start for STS
15 July 2018
Notification of Session Acceptance for IPS
01 August 2018
Title and Abstracts Submission Start for IPS
15 August 2018
Proposal Submission Close for STS
01 September 2018
Paper Submission Start for CPS
01 November 2018
* Title and Abstracts Submission Close for IPS
01 December 2018
Notification of Session Acceptance for STS
Title and Abstracts Submission Start for STS *
15 January 2019
* Paper Submission Start for IPS and STS
31 January 2019
Paper Submission Close for CPS
01 March 2019
Notification of Paper Acceptance for CPS
31 March 2019
Title and Abstracts Submission Close for STS
15 April 2019
* Paper Submission Close for IPS and STS
15 July 2019
Submission of Presentation Slide Close for IPS, STS and CPS

* Applicable for approved IPS and STS only

Important Key Dates

Key Activities IPS STS CPS Registration
Submission of proposal - start 01 January 2018 15 April 2018
Submission of proposal - close 31 March 2018 15 August 2018
Notification of acceptance 15 July 2018 01 December 2018
Submission of title and abstract - start * 01 August 2018 01 December 2018
Submission of title and abstract - close * 01 November 2018 31 March 2019
Submission of paper - start * 15 January 2019 15 January 2019 01 September 2018
Submission of paper - close * 15 April 2019 15 April 2019 31 January 2019
Notification of acceptance of paper 01 March 2019
Submission of presentation slide - close 15 July 2019 15 July 2019 15 July 2019
Early bird registration - start 01 December 2018

* Applicable for approved IPS and STS only

Helen MacGillivray
President International Statistical Institute (ISI)

Yves-Laurent Grize
Scientific Programme Committee (SPC) Chair