How to submit STS Abstract through Submission System

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1. Visit the congress website at:
2. On the menu bar, click "Submission System" to view the Submission System guidelines.
3. You will see the Single Sign-on (SSO) Submission System log in screen (below). Enter your email and password to logon to your account for ISI WSC 2019 Congress.
4. Click on Can’t access your account? to get help to reset your password.
5. Please select STS
6. System will show you the STS Proposal(s) which you have submitted as below. Please click on the Abstract button for the STS proposal which you wish to submit the abstract.
7. Click on + New Submission.
8. Please enter Abstract Title and Abstract Content in the columns as below.
9. Please enter minimum 3 keywords for the abstract.
10. Please enter Brief Presenter CV and upload Presenter Photo
11. System will lead user to the Person Type page as below. Please select + Add Main Author button to add main author of the abstract. (Main author may not be the speaker)
12. From the User Information, if you are the speaker who will be presenting during the Congress and you are also the main author of the abstract, please check the box as Main Author and click on Save This will save you from entering your information again.

However, if you are a speaker but not the main author of the abstract, please enter the information of the main author as below and click the Save button.

13. System will lead user back to the Person Type Please select + Add Co-Author button to add co-author(s) (if any). Should there is no co-author for the abstract, please click on the Submit button to submit your abstract.
14. Please enter the information for co-author(s), if any.
15. Once the information for main author and co-author is completed, user may Submit the abstract from Person Type page. System will check for user confirmation prior to the submission.
16. System will lead user back to Submission List page as below. User may edit the content of the abstract and person by selecting Edit and Person buttons, respectively, before the closing date of STS abstract submission date on 1 Nov 2018.
17. User may logout from the system once the submission is done.
18. Notification email will be sent to your email as confirmation.