It gives us great pleasure to present you with an opportunity to contribute and participate as one of the sponsors of the 62nd International Statistical Institute World Statistics Congress 2019 (ISI WSC 2019) to be held in Kuala Lumpur on 18-23 August 2019. This congress is being organised by the International Statistical Institute (ISI), in collaboration with the Department of Statistics, Malaysia (DOSM), Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and Malaysia Institute of Statistics (ISM).

Why you should sponsor ISI WSC 2019?

Contribution to statistical community

A platform for sponsors to contribute to the development, promotion, and adoption of best practices among the statistical community and industry practitioners. It is also an avenue for sponsors to contribute towards promoting research, innovation and intellectual discussions to advance statistical science and analytics at the international level.

Global promotion and extensive outreach

Being promoted globally on the websites of the ISI and its seven associations as well as the local co-organisers i.e. the Department of Statistics, Malaysia, Bank Negara Malaysia and the Malaysia Institute of Statistics. The outreach cuts across diverse sectors and industries, including the business and financial, Government and official authorities, as well as academia and research centres.

Extended duration of exposure

Sponsors will enjoy dynamic and continuous promotional exposure during the build-up of the congress. Exposure includes logo and organisation’s visibility and prominence on the congress website, websites of the ISI and its associations, local co-organisers, and at a series of prominent statistical events in the run-up to the congress.

Direct exposure, interaction and networking opportunities

Offers an opportunity for sponsors to expose, interact and network directly with around 2,500 delegates from more than 130 countries on-site and facilitate branding and marketing of relevant goods/services directly to delegates.

Premier event and reputable organisers

A premier event, professionally organised by four reputable organisations actively involved in statistics and its applications for policymaking and social economic development. The event will attract global interest, and thus, enhance the stature of sponsors locally and internationally.

Establish network with official, private sector and multi-lateral agencies

A national event which provides great opportunities for sponsors to establish networks with relevant Government agencies and multi-lateral agencies who are expected to participate actively in the organisation of the congress. It is also a platform for sponsors to collaborate with the private sector and industry practitioners directly or indirectly participating in the congress.