The Scientific Programme of the 62nd ISI WSC is being established with the diverse interests of the ISI members and the international community in mind. It will include presentations on leading-edge research in statistical theory, methodology, and applications as well as state-of-the art practice. It will include expository papers as well as presentations and discussion on important societal issues, emerging opportunities and challenges. The Programme comprises Invited Paper Sessions (IPS), Special Topic Sessions (STS) and Contributed Paper Sessions (CPS). These sessions are geared towards participants of different levels of experience and expertise.

This Programme also offers a series of Short Courses catered to current interests. Aside from Short Courses, Satellite Meetings are also organised by the ISI Associations and Committees to stimulate interesting discussions among the ISI Associations and members.

Invited Paper Sessions (IPS)

The IPSs are established by the Scientific Programme Committee (SPC) of the ISI and its Associations. IPSs usually consist of 3-4 presenters and a discussant invited by the organiser of the Session.

The SPC will review the proposals, and select the IPSs to be included in the 62nd ISI WSC with due consideration to the diversity of topics, the regional distribution of organisers, scientific quality and impacts.

Special Topic Sessions (STS)

STSs are an important component of the Scientific Programme of the WSC. Proposals for STS are submitted by individual members of the ISI and its Associations and Committees or outside institutions and organisations. The sessions require a minimum of 3 presenters and possibly a discussant invited by the organiser of the Session.

Proposals for STSs will be reviewed by the Local Programme Committee (LPC). The list of STSs had been announced in December 2018. Proposals for IPS that were not selected by the SPC may be considered for STS.

Contributed Paper Sessions (CPS)

Individuals are most welcomed to submit a contributed paper for presentation at the ISI WSC 2019. For the submission to be considered by the Local Programme Committee (LPC), it should include a title, an abstract and a short paper of not more than 6 pages. The paper must not have been published in any other conference proceedings or publication before the 62nd ISI WSC. The copyright for the abstracts and papers in the proceedings resides jointly with the authors and the ISI. Authors are free to publish expanded versions of the material elsewhere.

The contributed paper submitted is preferable to cover a wide range of topics nominating one of the following themes:

i. Applied Statistics
ii. Big Data
iii. Finance
iv. Machine Learning and Data Discovery
v. Official Statistics
vi. Probability Theory
vii. Social Statistics
viii. Statistical Inference
ix. Statistical Modelling
x. Statistics Education
xi. Simulation and Computation
xii. Medical Statistics
xiii. Other areas of Statistics

Besides new or improved statistical methods, cross-discipline and applied paper submissions are especially welcome.

Once accepted, a contributed paper will be listed in the programme and presented in one of the following two modes:

a. Oral Presentation. The speaker will have 15 minutes to present the paper in one of the Contributed Paper Sessions.
b. Poster Presentation. The presenter will have a space to display his/her poster, and should be available at the designated date/time for on-spot discussion.

Contributed papers should be proposed by submitting an abstract and paper using the online submission system by 31st January 2019. The submissions will be reviewed by the LPC. The authors will be notified on the success of the submission with the allocated mode of presentation from 1st March 2019. The paper allocation to the different presentation modes and session lengths will take into account both the author's preference and programme optimisation.

Key dates on IPS, STS and CPS

Key dates for the IPS, STS and CPS are summarised below. Further details will be announced on this website progressively.

Key Dates
01 January2018
Proposal Submission Start for IPS *
31 March2018
Proposal Submission Close for IPS
15 April 2018
Proposal Submission Start for STS
15 July 2018
Notification of Session Acceptance for IPS
01 August 2018
Title and Abstracts Submission Start for IPS
15 August 2018
Proposal Submission Close for STS
01 September 2018
Paper Submission Start for CPS
01 November 2018
* Title and Abstracts Submission Close for IPS
01 December 2018
Notification of Session Acceptance for STS
Title and Abstracts Submission Start for STS *
15 January 2019
* Paper Submission Start for IPS and STS
31 January 2019
Paper Submission Close for CPS
01 March 2019
Notification of Paper Acceptance for CPS
31 March 2019
Title and Abstracts Submission Close for STS
15 April 2019
* Paper Submission Close for IPS and STS
15 July 2019
Submission of Presentation Slide Close for IPS, STS and CPS

* Applicable for approved IPS and STS only

Important Key Dates

Key Activities IPS STS CPS Registration
Submission of proposal - start 01 January 2018 15 April 2018
Submission of proposal - close 31 March 2018 15 August 2018
Notification of acceptance 15 July 2018 01 December 2018
Submission of title and abstract - start * 01 August 2018 01 December 2018
Submission of title and abstract - close * 01 November 2018 31 March 2019
Submission of paper - start * 15 January 2019 15 January 2019 01 September 2018
Submission of paper - close * 15 April 2019 15 April 2019 31 January 2019
Notification of acceptance of paper 01 March 2019
Submission of presentation slide - close 15 July 2019 15 July 2019 15 July 2019
Early bird registration - start 01 December 2018

* Applicable for approved IPS and STS only