Overwhelming support at the 62nd ISI World Statistics Congress 2019
YBhg. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mohd Uzir Mahidin
Chief Statistician, DOSM

The critical role of statistics in Forensic Science takes centre stage at the 62nd ISI WSC 2019
Karen Kafadar
President of American Statistical Association

A difficult but not impossible feat in modernizing statistical collection for OIC member states
H.E Nebil Dabur

Sharing the Morocco experience by modernising statistics for better South South cooperation
Abdous Belkacem
High Commission for Planning, Morrocco

Using statistics to achieve zero poverty
Sabina Alkire
Director of Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative (OPHI)

What the government does, statistics can tell judges
Mario Palma
Former President ISI

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for human rights in conflict areas?
Ola Awad
President of the Palestinian Central Bureau Statistics

Nerds who want to make this world a better place
Louise Ryan
President of the International Biometric Society

The Royal Statistical Society: 200 years and going strong!
Deborah Ashby
President of the Royal Statistical Society

The love affair of statistics, data science and business
Yves-Laurent Grize
Chair of SPC, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland

Full force from Abu Dhabi at the 62nd ISI World Statistics Congress 2019
Abdulla Al Suwaidi
DG of Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi

Special algorithms can help us live longer and better lives
Susan Murphy
President of the Bernoulli Society

Big data, AI, statistical literacy - lessons learnt at the 62nd ISI World Statistics Congress
Pravin Sravista
Secretary and Chief Statistician of India

Statistics creating controversy within the masses
Jessica Utts
Professor Emerita, University of California, Irvine

Breathing life into the voice of statistics
John Pullinger
President IAOS (2019-2021)

Air New Zealand bailed out with the help of statistics
Vince Galvin
Chief Methodology, Statistics New Zealand

Grasp the opportunities for statistics and data science
Helen MacGillivray
President ISI (2017-2019)

In the fight to eradicate political manipulation of statistics
Gogita Todraze
Executive Director, NSO of Georgia Statistics

Blessed are ethical statisticians
Prof. Emeritus Dato’ Wira Dr. Jamil Roslan
Director IIIT East and South East Asia

Making big data your business
Pedro Luis do Nascimento Silva
Principal Researcher at the National School of Statistical Sciences (ENCE)

Exhibition organisers emerge victorious amidst pressure
Zima Mazfahani
Chair of Congress Site and Exhibition Setup

The dawn of statistical literacy over the motherland
Dr. Albina Andrew Chuwa
General Statistician, Tanzania NBS

Why international statistical coordination is important between countries
Jean-Louis Bodin
Former ISI President

Statistics as a mirror to the country and its people
Eric Rancourt
Director General, Strategic of Methodology Branch, Statistics Canada

ISI World Statistics Congress termed a hub for networking
Dr. Samaychanch Boupha
Vice Minister, Head of Lao Statistics Bureau

3000 expected to congregate at the 63rd ISI WSC 2021 in the Hague, the Netherlands
Ada van Krimpen
Director ISI

Uphill battle to obtain statistics necessary to measure the SDGs indicators
Micheal A. Steiner
Consultant on Agriculture Statistics, World Bank

Big Data = Big Ideas
Gemma Van Halderen
Director of the Statistics Division in the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)

Asia Pacific spearheads the optimum use of big data
Ronald Jansen
Assistant Director, United Nations Statistics Division

Statistics makes the world a better place
John Bailer
President ISI (2019-2021)