Invited Paper Session (IPS)

Session Organiser:
Planning and Statistics Authority of the State of Qatar


The global statistical community has recognised the need in leveraging the role played by data as it is the basis for evidence-based decision-making processes. In that regard, the official statistics-producing national agencies need to be equipped with a “data culture” as the core objective of collecting, collating, processing, and disseminating data is to reach better decisions. Accordingly, “data culture is decision culture”.

However, instilling the data culture is not an easy feat and a never-ending journey as the world and circumstances around us continue uninterruptedly to evolve. The experiences to be shared by the participating NSOs will shed light on their journey for forming the data culture by not only manifesting their commitment to making data the main ingredient for better decisions but also maintaining a continuous, informed conversation with high-level decision-makers in their respective countries. On the other hand, the presentations/interventions of the participating regional and multilateral organizations will enrich this IPS by informing the attendees about their contributions to the efforts of their respective member countries for instilling the data culture.


  1. Highlighting the changing role of official statistics in the developing world amid the recent global crises and its implications;
  2. Discussing the importance of data culture, data governance, data stewardship, and data strategy based on solid and modernised statistical legislation and a well-coordinated national statistical system (NSS); and
  3. Informing the attendees about the past and current activities and plans of the participating National Statistical Offices (NSOs) regarding instilling a data culture in their respective NSSs.

The IPS event will provide a platform for experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities in establishing a robust data ecosystem in their countries. This is crucial to address society's evolving data and information needs effectively. Additionally, regional and multilateral organizations will share their knowledge on modernizing official statistical systems and achieving development goals at a global and regional level.

DOSM is one of the invited experts of this IPS that will share Malaysia’s efforts in transforming its NSS to become data culture-oriented.

OpenDOSM: Inculcating The Data Culture


In today's data-driven world, organizations and societies must embrace a data culture to remain competitive and drive positive outcomes. Inculcating a data culture involves creating a shared understanding and appreciation for the value of data and integrating it into the daily practices and decision-making processes of an organization or society. Thus, this presentation paper provides an overview of OpenDOSM NextGen as a platform to inculcate the data culture in Malaysia. It aims to bridge the knowledge gap between the advance and the ordinary users i.e. public at large. Besides, this platform is developed to cater data sharing revolution and to empower the public with data to develop a "data-centric" culture among Malaysians. OpenDOSM NextGen provides two main modern features consist of data catalogue and dashboards. It was developed using open source program where frontend and backend code for web developer shared via GitHub to encourage development of various applications/web among public. In conclusion, OpenDOSM NextGen is a key pillar to develop a strong and sustainable open data ecosystem that promotes innovation, transparency and accountability.

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