i. Each presentation file for computer projection should be in either PowerPoint format (PPT, PPTX) or Portable Document Format (PDF), and should not exceed 20Mb in file size.
ii. The size of slide to be used is Widescreen (16:9) and landscape orientation. Refer to the template provided.
iii. Do not put too much text on a slide – you want the audience to listen to you and not to be reading your slides
iv. For operation management reasons, please name your file with the following file-naming convention:

  1. Starting with the Session Codes (SIPS for Special Invited Paper Sessions, IPS for Invited Paper Sessions, STS for Special Topic Sessions & CPS for Contributed Paper Sessions).
  2. Followed by the Session Number in 4 digit format.
  3. Followed by one underscore as separator.
  4. Finally followed by your First Name.
  5. The extension part of the file name remains the same as that of the original file format.
v. For example, the file ‘SIPS0211_Ahmad.ppt’.
vi. Click here to download template of presentation slide.
vii. Please upload your presentation file via the Online Submission System on or before 15th July 2019.
viii. For any enquiry, please contact us by email at secretariat@isi-wsc2019.org