List of Malaysia's IPS and CPS

The impact of a global pandemic has affected many organizations, businesses and especially individuals all around the world. DOSM is constantly evolving and striving its best to ensure that the current global environment can be adopted. To support the notion, DOSM comes up with a series of efforts to empower competency, expertise, and capability of DOSM’s officers in the production of official national statistics, which in line with DOSM’s Vision to be the Leader of Statistical Services for Universal Well-being and meet the global 2030 agenda.This year DOSM are eager to join the meeting virtually and use the opportunity to experience the inspiring lessons and the culture of the other. DOSM welcomes and supports the organisation of this congress by participating in 3 Invited Paper Session (IPS) sessions and will present 11 technical papers in Contributed Paper Session (CPS) each involving a total of eight (8) people for IPS session (3 organizers and 5 presenters) while a total of 27 people for the CPS session.


I. List of Malaysia's Invited Paper Session (IPS)

II. List of Malaysia's Contributed Paper Sessions (CPS)