1. All organisers are required to submit proposals by the stipulated deadline.
2. The proposal must be in English.
3. It should be intended for the general statistical audience rather than to specialists in the particular topic.
4. The details of proposals must be filled in the designated form and submitted via the congress website, Guidelines for Submission System.
5. The proposal should include the following:

i. title of the proposed session;
ii. the details of the organiser(s), including title, name, organisational affiliation, email address, name of city and country of residence;
iii. description of the session (150-200 words);
iv. justification (150-200 words);
v. abstract of each presenter (not more than 400 words)
vi. proposed chair, who must not be a presenter or discussant;
vii. proposed invited speakers who are not presenters in neither IPS, STS nor CPS of other sessions; and
viii. proposed discussant who must not be a chair or presenter.
6. The description of the proposed session should explain why the proposed session is of interest to the WSC attendees, to the Statistics community, to international interests and needs or to the advancement of science. The description should also include the expertise of the proposed presenters and discussant.
7. Abbreviations should be spelled out in full the first time they occur (Example: The properties of maximum likelihood estimators (MLEs) are developed. The small-sample performance of the MLEs is studied through simulation).
8. Double check for scientific accuracy as well as for clarity, proper grammar and punctuation before submitting the proposal.
9. Proposals that do not follow the guidelines may be rejected.
10. All enquiries should be sent to secretariat@isi2019.org or lpc@isi2019.org.