ISI – International Statistical Institute
WSC – World Statistics Congress
HCP – High Commission for Planning


ISI Associations
BS – Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability
IAOS – International Association for Official Statistics
IASC – International Association for Statistical Computing
IASE – International Association for Statistics Education
IASS – International Association of Survey Statisticians
ISBIS – International Society for Business and Industrial Statistics
TIES – The International Environmetrics Society
ISI PO – International Statistical Institute Permanent Office


Other Institutions
SCB – Statistical Capacity Building Committee
Agristats – Committee on Agricultural Statistics
LifeSci – Committee for the Promotion of Statistics in the Life Sciences
IFC – Irving Fisher Committee
YS – Young Statisticians Committee


Scientific Sessions
CPS – Contributed Paper/Poster Session
IPS – lnvited Paper Session
STS – Special Topic Session


LOC – Local Organising Committee
SPC – Scientific Program Committee
LPC – Local Program Committee
SCC – Short Course Committee
NHC – National Honorary Committee

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